Network Status

The below indicates our current Network and Service Status:

  • Phone Services (home, business, PBX)
    • Registrations: OK
    • Inbound Calls: OK
    • Outbound Calls: OK
  • Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX)OK 
    • Call Queues: OK 
    • BLF: OK 
  • Billing Portal: OK
  • Real Softphone: OK 
  • Support Portal: OK
  • Toll-Free: OK 
  • User Portal: OK
  • Virtual Fax
    • Inbound: OK
    • Outbound: OK
  • Voicemail: OK 

Our systems maintenance window is daily from 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM EST.

COVID-19 has seen unprecedented call volumes around the globe, as people school and work from home... and as businesses shift from brick-and-mortar locations to online and telephone based services.  Our team has been working around the clock on our new platform, which will bring added capacity, features, redundancy and stability to your VoIP Much experience.